Silver – Up to 5 items
@ $70 per hour.

This package is suitable only for moving light furniture items that would require only one man to do the job. These jobs take  usually 1-3 hours. We can still provide extra man to help if required. 

Gold – Up to 10 items
@ $95 per hour.

Sometimes you may need to move some furniture but not the entire house furniture.  This is the best package for you if you are moving nearly 10-15 items. This price includes extra man with driver to load-unload the furniture.  You don’t have to do anything. They will load and unload everything for you.

Diamond – Full house furniture
@ $110 per hour.

We understand that moving home is a hassle sometimes. But we will make it safe, easy, and hassle-free. This package provides you with 2 professional removalists with all modern tools like trolley,  dolly blankets, etc. We can also help with assembling dissembling furniture if required.

Platinum – @ $130 per hour.

Full furniture moving with complimentary services.

This package includes extra safety and cares to move expensive and luxurious items.  Items may be like glass, ceramic, etc. We can assemble disassemble everything if required. 

This package includes charges for moving stuff upstairs, No return time charges, No fuel charges, and no other hidden charges at all.

We will provide complimentary boxes and packing materials. We can also help with bond cleaning or general house cleaning  services